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If you are a parent that would like some help in thinking through your child/children taking communion, have a look at this document or contact the church office.


When can my child take communion?
Communion is a part of our weekly worship service at City Church Denver. It is also
known as Eucharist or The Lord’s Supper. Jesus started this practice with his disciples (Luke
22:14-20, 1 Corinthians 11:23-26), and we continue it to remember his sacrifice for his
people. It is the family meal for the people of God, and it nourishes us in ways that we are
not fully able to grasp.

Many people wonder at what age their child is able to take communion. Some feel
that children should start taking communion as soon as they are able, while others prefer
that children wait until they can give a credible confession of their faith and demonstrate
that they understand what God has done for them through Jesus. As you might imagine,
there is a gamut of views between these two!

It’s your decision as a parent (as soon as they’re ready!)
The short answer to “When can my child take communion?” is “As soon as they are
ready!” But when are they ready? Who determines that? City Church takes the position
that the parents are best able to determine when their children should begin taking the
Lord’s Supper.

For those who want their children taking communion as soon as physiologically
possible, this will not be all that helpful; you have already made your decision and we
support you in that. What follows is meant to assist our parents with “older children” as
they consider this question.

A child develops
The obvious fact that children develop over time leads us to the question, “How much
does this child understand about what Jesus has done?” We must remember that children
grow in faith just as they do physically and socially. The way they understand the work of
Jesus in ten years will look very different from their understanding right now. The same can
be said of adults as well.

Questions to ask your child
Questions like the ones below may help you in deciding whether you are comfortable
with your child taking communion.
Q1. Why do you think we take communion?
A1. Jesus commanded it…or…to remember what he has done for us (they may say,
“I don’t know” which is why these next guiding questions are here.)
Q2. What does the bread represent?
A2. Jesus’ body
Q3. What does the wine represent?
A3. Jesus’ blood
Q4. Who did Jesus give this meal to?
A4. To his family, those who believe in him.
Q5. Are you part of his family?
A5. Yes!
Q6. Do you believe that he died for you?
A6. Yes!
Q7. Do you want to take communion with the rest of our church family?
A7. Yes!
Remember, you are not looking for perfect answers but answers that are appropriate
for where your child is developmentally.

Questions you may have!
What if I am not ready for them to start taking communion? What do they do then?
Continue to bring your child forward with you as you take communion and have one
of the communion servers pray for your child.

What if I have one child who takes and one who does not?
If your child asks why they are not taking communion, tell them that you are waiting
for the day when they are ready and that it will happen. Also highlight that they have the
special blessing of being prayed over by the communion server.

What if my child only wants it because they think it is a snack?
Many children are partially drawn to the table out of a desire to eat the food that
everyone else is eating. Sometimes they understand very well the spiritual significance of
what is happening, but seem focused on the physical elements. This is understandable and
doesn’t necessarily present a barrier to participating in this part of the service.

What do we do on our first time?
We recommend having your child take their first communion on a family Sunday, that
way you can let one of your pastors know ahead of time and they can help your family in
making it a special occasion.

How can I prepare my child for their first time?
In addition to reminding them about the purpose of communion, talk them through
the logistics of what they will do, in what order. Encourage your child to respond to each of
the elements with, “Thank you Jesus.” or “Amen.” You should also model this for them.

Resources to delve a bit deeper!

On the purpose of communion

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