Serve the Church

We seek to empower members of the church to carry out various ministries inside and outside the church. We will work to educate, challenge, and encourage all “ministers” (Christians) to identify, develop, and use their gifts. When you are a member of a church you are not a volunteer – you are a disciple of Christ whom he has called to serve others. All members are needed to contribute to the various ministry activities that are vital to our church, such as Sunday Operations, Community Groups, Family Ministries, and event hosting.

Sunday Teams
Every week it requires a number of volunteers to create a welcoming and beautiful environment for our community to Celebrate Christ.

Contact us or fill out this form if interested in any of the following Service Opportunities:

Food Patrol

The Sunday service is one of the most important times we share as a church. The Food Patrol team helps our community to worship by ensuring that the communion elements are in place before the beginning of the worship service. This team also sets up the snack and coffee table prior to the service. A welcoming refreshment table is important to the overall environment on Sunday mornings by creating a sense of welcome and community.

Following the service, this team cleans the communion and snack areas in preparation for the following Sunday.

Greeting Team & Hospitality Hosts

This team is our first impression and goes out of their way to be welcoming and helpful to those attending our Sunday services. They must feel comfortable starting conversations with visitors and answering basic questions about the church (30 minutes every Sunday for one month).

Other Sunday Roles

Other service opportunities that may require more skills or prerequisites include: musicians, singers, sound table operators, liturgy celebrants, communion celebrants, ushers and prayer team.

Contact us if interested in any of these service opportunities.

City Church Meal Train
The City Church Meal Train organizes meal giving for our community around significant life events (illnesses, births, deaths, etc.) to nourish and help reduce the burden of planning and preparing the meal for an individual or family. When a need arises, as a Meal Train provider you receive an email inviting you to sign up to bring a meal on an upcoming date of your choice. You can participate based on your availability at the time.

Service Opportunity: If you’d like to be a blessing to people in our church community by preparing and dropping off meals in times of need please contact the City Church Meal Train to be added to the list of meal providers.

If you could use some meals or know someone else who could, please contact the Meal Train Coordinator.

Family Ministries
Volunteers with the Family Ministry care for the families of our community and help guide the children into relationships with God by reinforcing the biblical truths that parents are teaching at home. It’s not about controlling, babysitting, or entertaining kids on Sunday morning; it’s about teaching children to be followers of Christ.

Service Opportunities: City Kids teachers (weekly from September to May) and Children’s Church Leaders (every seven weeks). If you are interested, contact the family ministries.

Find out more about the Family Ministry here.

Other Service Opportunities
There are many areas of service within church that are fulfilled by members of the church with certain skills, giftings, and meeting certain prerequisites or training. These Service Opportunities include:

  • Adult Christian Education Teacher
  • Community Group Leaders and Hosts
  • Discipleship Team
  • Missions Team
  • Finance Team
  • Officer (Deacon or Elder)
  • Social Event Coordinator
Contact us for more information on any of these service opportunities.

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